lifecell menu

lifecell menu is the additional menu in your phone, which provides an access to the most frequently used services.


Tariffs are quoted including VAT. Additionally the 7.5% pension tax is taken in the cost of mobile cellular services.


How to use

To use one of the services from lifecell menu, choose lifecell menu in your phone, then choose the language and an item that interests you:

  • Choose Balance to check your balance. You will get an SMS with the information about the balance on your main and bonus accounts;
  • Choose Popovnennya if you want to top up your account with a scratch-card. Dial refill code and confirm it by pressing "OK";
  • Choose Avtovidpovidach, to listen to the voicemail. After you choose it in your lifecell menu, the call to 5000 will be initiated from your number ("Voicemail" service);
  • Choose InfoTsentr, to connect with the lifecell call-center. In case you choose this point in your menu, the call to 5433 will be initiated from your number. (lifecell call-center number).
  • Choose Moіa Info, to use the service "My info".
Full conditions

lifecell menu provides a quick access to the "Balance check", "My info" services, allows to top up the account quickly as well as call the "Voicemail" service in order to listen to the messages and to the lifecell call-center.

Service cost

The services provided via lifecell menu are free of charge for all lifecell subscribers.


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