Easy change

Want to change the mobile operator and still maintain useful contacts and relationships? Use "Easy Change" service from lifecell!

Each new lifecell subscriber shifting from another Ukrainian mobile operator is able to inform the subscribers calling the old number of a new one by SMS automatically.

Thus, the person who is calling your old number will get an information on your new number by SMS, and you will know the time and the number of the person who called you.


Tariffs are quoted including VAT. Additionally the 7.5% pension tax is taken in the cost of mobile cellular services.


How to use

To activate the service, contact the representatives of lifecell customer service centers or the information resource center by number 5433, and you will be given more detailed instructions on setting up the service.

Full conditions

The service is provided for 9 months after activation, or by the end of the old number validity.

Service cost

The service is free for all lifecell subscribers.


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