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lifecell Games Club - unlimited games and apps.

Download premium top-rated games and apps without any restrictions on the Lifecell Games Club. The store offers a large catalog of high quality games for learning or entertainment in a variety of areas like strategy, puzzle, racing, arcade, casual games and more. Useful apps for fitness, finance, photos and videos will always be valuable. New apps&games available on a weekly basis. Subscribers who subscribe to the service have the opportunity to play online games.


How to use

  • Subscribe to the service in most suitable way for you
  • Download any games and applications from without any restrictions and paying for web traffic
  • Play and use applications downloaded even without Internet access

Mobile Internet traffic (3G and 2G) for lifecell Games Club service is free of charge on the territory of Ukraine. After unsubscribing from the service you can still run up to 10 times downloaded Android apps. After that you should renew the subscription to continue running downloaded apps.


To activate Service, approve the activation at

First 7 days of using the service are free in case of first Service activation.

Payment for first 7 days of using Service is included into the payment of future service using.


  • Payment for service for 7 days - 11 UAH with VAT and PF
  • Payment for service for 1 day - 1.75 UAH with VAT and PF

Service is charged for 7 days by default. If sum on account is not enough for to pay weekly tariff, daily tariff is used.


To unsubscribe from the service

  • send an SMS with text "STOP" to the number 5090 (not rated)
  • or go to via your mobile device browser, select "My Account" menu and click "Unsubscribe"

Subscription to the service lifecell Games Club automatically renewed every 7 days, and mobile account is charged on 11 UAH for 7 days service.

If the funds on the subscriber’s account are insufficient, the amount is charged on 1.75 UAH and the subscription is extended for 1 day.

Cost of lifecell Games Club service includes VAT and pension tax.

If you are using roaming then lifecell Games Club internet traffic is additionally charged according to your tariff.

Full conditions

Service is provided by Bemobi International AS.


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