"Mobile protection" service

With "Mobile Protection" service, your mobile phone has all chances to return to you if it will be lost or stolen. The lost phone will be not only found but also returned to you without any additional expenses and exposal of your personal information to the person who found it.

Besides the return service, you can personally and remotely control your smartphone safety:

  • Determine the phone location on the map;
  • Receive real-time photos from phone cameras;
  • Activate alarm on the phone on its maximum volume;
  • Remove data from both internal and external storage;
  • Block the phone using a specific password.

How to use

All these functions are available in Personal account of the service, you can access it from any device and browser. Or you can contact the call center 6911 right away – operators will block the lost device and help you with further return actions.

And if your lost phone was not returned to you within 14 days, you will receive financial compensation!

For activation, you need only to install and set up the app – it will take no more than 5 minutes.


Details of service use can be found on the website: pm.lifecell.com.ua

How to activate the service? 

- Enter *691# and press the call button
- Call 6911
- Install the application and select the subscription


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