Want to stay on top of hot offers and regularly receive information about discounts?

lifecell with partners provides such an opportunity via "Discount Info".



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How to use

You should only send a SMS to short number 5007 (0 UAH) with text YES to activate the service.

In response, you will receive a service activation confirmation, and a small form for you to provide your data.

For partners’ offer to meet your needs to the fullest extent possible, please, provide accurate answers.

Ordering service "Discount Info" you agree to receive advertising messages about the products and services of LLC "lifecell" partners.

How to order

Call from your mobile phone
Send SMS
To number 5007
with text

Full conditions

Only subscribers who activated the "Discount Info" service can take advantage of exclusive offers from lifecell partners. The program participants will receive regular information about the discount, campaign duration, terms etc.

Service cost

The cost of sending a SMS to number 5007 is 0 UAH.

Questions and answers

How to use the service?

To activate the "Discount Info" service, send a SMS to the short number 5007 with text YES.

How to deactivate the service?

To deactivate the "Discount Info", send a USSD request: *440*17#

What messages will I get from the "Discount Info"?

You will receive information on sales in your favorite store clothes or fuel discounts at your gas station.

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