Information "Reference Service 555" provides answers to any subscribers' questions.

Calling 555, you quickly get information from qualified operators speaking several languages. The speed and quality of service are the main competitive advantages of "555 Reference Service".


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How to use

Dear subscriber! You can also get information on the exchange rate or the weather forecast in IVR format (without contacting Call center operator) by calling one of the following numbers: attachment details.

How to order

Call from your mobile phone

Full conditions

The subscribers can get information on the following:


Daily NBU exchange rates

Archived data on the US dollar rate

Rates of the rarely used currencies once a month

Information on the percentage of bank loans for businesses and individuals

NBU rates of precious metal purchase

Addresses and phones of the banks and their branches in Ukraine

ATM location


Repertoire of Ukrainian theatres, touring troupes, concerts of pop stars, performances, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, expositions, fairs

Program of nightclubs, discos, party clubs

Poster of films broadcast throughout Ukraine

Sports activities program


Booking and ordering of tickets with delivery (railway tickets, airline tickets, tickets to entertainment events)

Calling a taxi, passenger and cargo transportation, driver ordering, car rental, calling an auto towing and technical assistance on the road

Calling an ambulance, medical and veterinary services, ordering and delivery of medicines, emergency drug treatment

Delivery of food, pizza, drinking water etc. from restaurants.

Cleaning apartments and offices, chemical cleaning, disinfection of premises

Repair and installation of household appliances, computers

Translation services

Bodyguard services

Express delivery in Ukraine and around the world

Emergency opening of locks and doors

Babysitting, governess, nurse services


Timetables for all transport modes

AMTS codes in all cities of Ukraine, world countries and mobile operators

ZIP codes, country barcodes

Banknotes of the states

Weather in all cities of Ukraine and the world

Lottery results

Addresses, phone numbers, schedule and business of commercial structures and public organizations throughout Ukraine


Characteristics of mobile phones

Technical settings

Price indicators

Data on mobile shops and service centers


Famous places, museums, parks in the cities of Ukraine

Travel and sightseeing tours

Information on the rules of traveling abroad and documents required for visa

Resorts and hotels of all countries around the world


Representative offices, showrooms and dealers

Models, kits and prices

Service stations and auto parts

Car insurance, with the possibility of calculating the premium depending on the vehicle

Car contests and various car activities

Situation on the Kyiv roads for motorists

The cost of the call is 6 UAH of the setup fee and 6 UAH per minute of the call.

The prices are in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.

The charging starts from 13th second on.

The service is provided by NOMIKO LLC.

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