Rent of Channels

Connection of offices throughout Ukraine into unified network without opportunity for the third parties to access information.

It will be especially interesting for the following customers: providers, IT companies, financial structures.

The service of digital full-wave communication channels rent at 2 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s speed



  • Guaranteed data transfer speed
  • High reliability 
  • Security from external interference
  • Allocated channels (point-to-point), always at client's disposal (24/7)
  • No overloads on the line, unlike switched networks


  • Building networks of corporate class
  • DWDM and MBH technologies
  • Organization of «the last mile»*
  • L3 VPN

* – viewed individually

Service: Rent of Channels WARNING! Only for legal entities or self-employed individual. The list of documents to connect.
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