Tariff plan "Partner 15"


Calls within the corporation - without restrictions

15 UAH / month

Estimated cost – UAH/day*

Tariffs are quoted in UAH including VAT and duty to PF.
Package minutes within the corporation Unlimited
Package minutes for calls to mobile and fixed numbers in Ukraine, except lifecell -
Internet 10,00 UAH / 100 MB or 5 UAH / 50 MB2
Social networks -
BIP Free traffic in Ukraine
Initial fee 15
Monthly package fee 15
Full conditions

Tariffs in excess of the Service Package

Calls to the lifecell network, per minute


Calls to other networks


SMS in Ukraine for the message


MMS in Ukraine, for the message


International calls, except calls to numbers of special destinations and satellite operators, a minute of conversation


SMS outside Ukraine, for the message


MMS outside Ukraine, for the message


Access to the Internet

10,00 UAH / 100 MB or 5 UAH / 50 MB2

Special tariffs in roaming


International calls3


Tariffs include all taxes and fees.

2Tariffication of Internet access is 10 UAH for every 100 MB, or 5 UAH for every 50 MB in case of absence of 10 UAH on the account. The provided MB can be used during the current day. In case of absence of 5 UAH on the account, the tariff for the Internet is 0.25 UAH/MB.

3Subscription fee for the "Open World" service is included in the monthly payment for the "Universal" tariff plan.

Calls inside lifecell network after using of the all package minutes - 0,20 UAH for a minute of conversation. Calls to the numbers of fixed-line networks of Ukraine and to numbers of networks of other mobile operators in Ukraine - 0.40 UAH for a minute of conversation. Redirecting from a fixed-line number - 0.27 UAH/min.

Tariffication of outgoing and redirected calls (telecommunication services of voice information transmission) is per second and is performed in the first second of every minute of telecommunication services. The cost of the first second of every minute of telecommunications services includes the following 59 seconds without additional charging. The write-off (accounting) of each individual minute is included in the non-tariffed amount of the package of services and is provided on a monthly fee basis, it be carried out in the first second of every minute of the Service Package.

Calls to special international destinations are charged at a tariff of 8.49 UAH/min.

The subscription fee is paid on the first day of each month. If the monthly fee for the package of services is not paid on the first day, package minutes for calls to the lifecell network, calls to fixed-line numbers of Ukraine and to numbers of networks of other mobile operators in Ukraine, packet SMS and megabytes are not available, and tariffing is carried out at standard tariffs. A monthly fee can be automatically charged on any of the following days if there is sufficient amount in the account. Under such conditions, it is necessary to pay the amount of the monthly fee in full.

The tariff plan includes a mandatory monthly payment of UAH 0.01. (Including VAT and collection to the Pension Fund of Ukraine) to prevent line disconnection.

The cost of changing the tariff plan to the tariff plan of the "Partner" line is 50 UAH (with all taxes).

Tariffs are quoted as of November 30, 2016.

The minimum validity period of the tariff plan is seven days from the moment of launch. lifecell LTD reserves the right to establish and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its Services, according to the Law on Telecommunications of November 18, 2003 No. 1280-IV, to change the list of such Services, as well as to change the terms and conditions of the Promotion, Early terminate, suspend the period of its conduct unilaterally in accordance with the Conditions and the procedure for providing telecommunications services to lifecell LTD.

Детальні умови тарифікації, мінімальний строк та додаткові умови надання послуг, що стосуються цього тарифного плану.

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