Virtual PBX

Create the perfect system of telephony for your company with Virtual PBX:

  • incoming calls manangement
  • traffic distribution between employees
  • increase of client requests processing quality 

from 149 UAH / month



Solutions for small, medium and big business
System integration, both for small companies and companies with complicated office structure.

New opprotunities
Test the functionality of "Virtual PBX" from lifecell during a month in your office for 1 UAH*

Flexible system integration
Easy to develop office telephony without building physical local network

Possibility to save phone numbers in case of changing office location or departments and flexible number change.

FMC-integrated mobile and local numbering
Integration of your mobile and local network into a single corporate network 

WEB interface
Flexible setup and management of office telephony

Virtual PBX 5 Virtual PBX 10 Virtual PBX 30 Virtual PBX 100
Connection fee, UAH 99
Monthly fee, UAH 149 249 699 1599
Monthly package included in monthly fee (all destinations) 500 min 1000 min 3000 min 7500 min
Numbering resourcesincluded in Virtual PBX lifecell mobile number
Local number
External lines, quantity 5 10 30 100
Internal users, quantity 15 30 90 300
Full conditions

*VAT and PF are including in tariffs in UAH

You can find out more information and order the service by sending an application for connection or by calling the contact-center, 0 800 20 5433 (free of charge from stationary and mobile phones in Ukraine), 5433 (free from mobile in life networks) or at the points of sale of life

LLC “lifecell” reserves the right to set and change tariffs (tariff plans) for its services in accordance with the Law “Of Telecommunications” as of November 18, 2003 № 1280-IV, to change the list of Services of such kind, as well as change the terms and conditions for them; change the period of Campaigns, prematurely terminate, stop their validation period unilaterally in accordance with conditions and procedures of providing the LLC “lifecell” telecommunication services.

Service: Virtual PBX WARNING! Only for legal entities or self-employed individual. The list of documents to connect.
By submitting a request you agree to the processing of personal data

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