BiP Boomerang EN
Communicate using BiP and earn
rewards every month
How to earn rewards?

1. Download
the BiP
4. Get rewards
every month
3. Complete tasks
while communicating
with friends in BiP
2. At the beginning
of every month get
new tasks or choose
them from the list below
and earn rewards just for communicating
What is BiP?
BiP ─ is a handy messenger for sharing text messages, photos, or videos, calling mobile and landline numbers using the “BiP Out" service, and receiving calls using the “BiP In" service.

You need an internet connection to use BiP.

If you don't have BiP installed, download it from Google Play or App Store.

Learn more about BiP here:
Who can take part in “BiP Boomerang"
All lifecell subscribers who use the BiP messenger and have spent at least 0,01 UAH from the main account on any lifecell Ltd. services from 01.08.2020 and during the validity period of this promotion.
When will I get a monthly task from BiP?
During the first week of every month while the promotion is active. The task will come in a message from the official "BiP Club" group directly in the BiP messenger. Also, you can select any of the tasks from this page and start doing them right now.
When will I receive my reward for this promotion?
You will receive the reward in the form of a certain amount of gigabytes during the first seven working days of the month following the month in which the conditions for obtaining a reward were met.
Can I use BiP messenger in other countries?
Yes, you can use BiP messenger wherever there is an internet connection. Gigabytes that are accrued under this promotion can be used exclusively on the territory of Ukraine.
What are “BiP Out" minutes?
“BiP Out" minutes are minutes that you can use to call any number: mobile, landline, or foreign number using the Internet.
Will I receive my reward if I haven't used BiP from the beginning of the month?
Even if you did not receive the message with a task at the beginning of the month, but still completed it, you will receive your reward.
Until when and where is this promotion valid?
This promotion is valid from 01.08.2020 to 31.12.2022 inclusive throughout the territory of Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories.

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