The most popular recipes from all over the world at
“All Recipes” from lifecell!

"All recipes" is the service featuring healthy and fast dishes both for every day and special occasions You will find main and second courses, fast snacks and flavored pastries, burgers, bets pizza recipes, various cakes and desserts, healthy smoothies, coffee and tea beverages, alcoholic cocktails and exotic food selection from all over the world!

The most popular recipes from all over the world at<br> “All Recipes” from lifecell!

Wondering what to cook this time?

Just type the name of ingredients you are interested in and get the cooking list. Add diversity to your life and enjoy cooking right now!

Got a pleasant bonus - the free mobile internet while using “All recipes” website!

Welcome to a very delicious service!

Wondering what to cook this time?

Ordering and price

To order the service, dial *366#1.png or send “1” to 366.

The first 3 days of service use is for free. The service price is 3 UAH for 7 days or 0,5 UAH per day. The price includes all taxes.

Ordering and price

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To deactivate the service:

  • Dial *366#1.png and choose appropriate menu item.
  • Send SMS with the text «СТОП» or «STOP» to the number 366 (free).

Subscription to the service All Recipes is automatically prolonged every 7 days. The fee is 3 UAH per 7 days of service usage. In case of daily billing the price is 0,5 UAH per day. All taxes included. The fee is to be charged from subscriber's mobile account.

If you use the service in roaming, the amount of data transferred is additionally charged according to your current tariff.

After subscription to the service the fee is automatically charged every 7 days, or on daily basis ground. If your mobile funds are not enough to cover the regular fee expense, the provision of the service is to be suspended. If your mobile funds are not enough to cover the regular fee expense during the period of 90-days in a raw after service suspension, the service will be deactivated automatically.

Service is provided by LLC "Automodern". All the content received by the means of the service is provided by LLC "Automodern".


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