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June 22, 2020.

lifecell provided medical workers with 100 minutes of calls on the occasion of a professional holiday

On Sunday, June 21, lifecell sent congratulatory SMS to its subscribers working in healthcare sector and provided them with 100 minutes for calls to all numbers within Ukraine. Such a gift from the operator to the Day of the medical worker was received by more than 14,000 lifecell subscribers. In addition, lifecell provides doctors with a 50% discount for two Lifehack packages.

June 22, 2020.

lifecell inspires to live summer by 200%

lifecell launched a TV commercial in support  '200% of the Summer' campaign, urging subscribers to value every minute of communication in any circumstances in the summer.

June, 12th, 2020.

lifecell considers unacceptable the numerous manipulations on blocking the decision of the NCCIR to reduce MTR

On May 19, a meeting of the National Commission implementing state regulation in the field of communications and informatization (NCCIR) was held, at which it was decided to reduce interconnect rate for traffic termination from 12 kopecks/min. to 8 kopecks /min. from 01.01.2021.

This decision is the exclusive competence of the NCCIR, it is made as a result of joint discussions with market participants collectively, by open voting, and then transferred for registration to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

lifecell condemns the situation of repeated attempts to intervene and put pressure on the Ministry of Justice by various unauthorized organizations under the influence of market participants who are not interested in this decision.

June 11, 2020.

lifecell launches online doctor consultation service

lifecell launches the online doctor consultation service in the "Likar Online" application.

With the app, subscribers from any region of Ukraine will be able to receive remote consultations of Kiev practitioners of various fields. The app is available for Android and IOS.


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