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February 21, 2020.

lifecell has announced 2019 FY and Q4 results: revenue and subscriber base annual growth

lifecell mobile operator has announced its financial and operational results for year 2019 and Q419. The company demonstrated persistent financial indicators progress and stated 13.6% revenue growth (YoY). lifecell three-month active 3G and 4.5G subscribers base exceeded 4.3 million data users with a total number of three-months active subscribers reached 7.4 million.

February 13, 2020.

lifecell has launched Paycell mobile application

lifecell has launched Paycell mobile wallet,  which helps to  make payments conveniently and safely with a minimum commission.

February 12, 2020.

lifecell offers subscribers "Mobile Valentines"

On the eve of Valentine's Day, the mobile operator lifecell offers its subscribers the opportunity to use the service "Mobile Valentine" and make a surprise to everyone you love.

February 6, 2020.

lifecell launches new Platinum contract tariff

Mobile operator lifecell has launched a new 30-day contract tariff "Platinum Contract".

lifecell constantly focuses subscribers' attention on the advantages of Platinum service, as well as on the security and reliability of the registered mobile number and contract. That is why, at the beginning of the year, the operator offers a new tariff for contract service of subscribers - "Platinum Contract" with additional advantages of the lifecell platinum-club. Its cost is only 200 UAH for 30 days.


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