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November 27, 2019.

lifecell made branded Instagram mask

The digital operator lifecell created a branded Instagram mask with branded yellow “antenna horns”.

November 8, 2019.

lifecell announces eSIM launch

Digital operator lifecell announces the launch of eSIM, which is supported, in particular, by modern models of Apple and Google Pixel gadgets. Pre-sale of digital SIM on the operator’s website is already available to subscribers.

November 6, 2019.

lifecell and Vodafone launched SMS payment service for Vinnytsa transport

Vinnytsa. Two telecom operators of Ukraine - Vodafone and lifecell - together with the Vinnitsa City Council and the Vinnitsa Transport Company utility company launched the service of paying for travel in public transport via SMS. Now, subscribers of all three mobile operators will be able to pay for trips to Vinnitsa in this way by sending a message with the corresponding code to the short number 877.

November 4, 2019.

lifecell has launched a loyalty program for students

lifecell has launched a loyalty program “lifecell Campus” for all Ukrainian students, regardless of their mobile operator. Any student with a valid student ID of the state standard can participate in the loyalty program.


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