Mission and values

lifecell Vision

Superior digital services for a better future


To enrich the lives of our users through dynamic development, the best digital services and innovative solutions


Every type of business we do, including the strategic decisions, is based on the values of the company, which also guide us in our daily operation. Our customers are our top priority. We believe that our users deserve the best and strive to build trust with them. Our network, technology and team work 24/7 to ensure excellent communication service and high-speed mobile internet, as well as to provide comprehensive support to our subscribers. We are different, and that’s why we are strong. Our diversity is the source of success and strengthen our company. We respect age, gender, disability, lifestyle, religious belief, ethnic background and political preference and do not discriminate. We establish honest and sincere relations at every level, share knowledge with each other and encourage different views. We believe that the primary drivers for success are agility, flexibility and focus on results. We are inspired by our ambition and enthusiasm since we are passionate about our work.

In October 2019, the lifecell team adopted lifecell Manifesto principles, which reflect the values of the company in an informal style. lifecell Manifesto approach has become an integral part of the corporate culture, inspiring and uniting employees every day:

I know our goal. We create new opportunities in the digital world. We are ambitious and ready to do more for the common result. Our goals inspire us for exceptional achievements. We don't stop halfway to success.

Responsibility starts with me. I'm looking for opportunities, not excuses. Responsibility inspires me to achieve results. I make decisions and keep promises. No sooner said than done, and there is no other option!

I hear you. I’m grateful to you. We stand for openness and involvement. We are happy to share knowledge and ideas. We are guided by the rule: "When criticizing - suggest." We value everyone's input.

We are stronger than me. We strive to be leaders in what we do. We are different, and this is our strength. Together we achieve more. Success starts with our cooperation.

A satisfied client pays me my salary. Customer value creation is more important than the process! We strive to know our customers' needs better than they do. We create products that open up new opportunities for our customers.

I am changing and the world is changing with me. We open new horizons and experiment. Barriers exist only in our imaginations. Mistakes are the path to new opportunities. We are changing and creating innovations.

I enjoy my work. I am proud of our team. The company trusts me - I trust it. I share the values of the company. I believe in our success.

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