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Mobile Applications Management Expert

Kyiv Customer Service Process and Quality Management


Functional Responsibilities

Customer Applications Management

·  To manage, develop and improve Customer applications inline with Company strategyincluding Customer Experience management of this channel.

·  To revise/develop and set up standards/SLA/KPIs for customer applications.

·  Regular analysis and control of mobile applications KPIs, foreseeing possible and discovering existing deviations between actual indicators and planned KPIs, making proposals and implementing measures in order to prevent possible and eliminate existing deviations to reach planned KPIs.

·  To analyze customer applications’ data and their dynamic. To detect sharp deviations in dynamics and reveal their reasons. To study customer’s usage behavior. To provide recommendations and implement changes to improve customer experience in customer applications.

·  To analyze customers’ feedback and complaintsoncustomer applications provided via all the channels. To provide recommendations and implement changes to improve customer applications experience.

·  Customer’s journeys mapping for customer applications by taking into account the needs of different customer segments.

·  To timely implement necessary updates to customer applications to ensure that all new products/services and changes to existing products/services are available in customer applications (i.e. information, possibility to activate/deactivate a service etc).

·  To search, analyse and provide recommendations on implementation of technical solutions for improvement of customer application experience.To initiate and manage projects on implementation of technical solutions. To participate in tendering and contracting processes (inclusive of but not limited to creating business requirements, vendor proposals evaluation and scoring, contract development, testing). 

·  To test and monitor competitors’  customer applications to reveal best customer experience examples and provide recommendations on their application into customer applications.

·  To initiate (by request) demands on researches of customer application experience. To analyze research reports. To provide recommendations and implement changes to improve customer application experience.

·  To ensurecustomer applications are simple, consistent and personalized, easy to use, have high usability and optimum functionality, information in customer applications isconsistent, understandable and transparent.

·  To control policy, rules, standards (inclusive style and tone) of communication with different customer segments are followed up by all business ownersof the Company.

·  To analyze impact of marketing activities on customer applications and their KPIs.

·  To carry out customer applications performance reports  on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Customer applications project management

·  Mobile Applications road mapping; monitoring national and world trends in mobile application development, searching for new market opportunities and generating new ideas for applications development in line with the goals of CEM function.

·  To create new customer applications’ ideaand concept inclusive of market trends analysis, business case, risks analysis etc.

·  To provide requirements and control of  UI design development and application’s usability.

·  To search for potential vendors - developers of customer applications.

·  To participate in tendering and contracting processes (inclusive of but not limited to creating business requirements, vendor proposals evaluation and scoring, contract development, testing).

·  To supervise and control execution of a project according to a project time plan.

·  To control the process of customer application delivery and versioning (source code control, issues tracking, publishing and end-users support in official markets - for mobile applications).

·  To manage partnersрhip with application developers and official markets (for mobile applications).

·  To perform end user tests to ensure application functionality and design are fully in-line with the requirements.

·  To develop and control mobile application launch plan.

·  To plan and launch customer applications promo campaigns.

·  To plan and control customer applications’ budget.




University (Degree)


Technical science (Applied System Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, software engineering)  

Working experience:

5+ years

Other requirements

Language skills

Russian, Ukrainian, English - Fluent

PC Skills

Advanced user Excel, MS Project, MS Visio, Power Point, Android/iOS SDKs, X-Code, Eclipse, Version Control and issues tracking systems

Driving license


Specific knowledge/ experience  areas

·  Project management - Must

·  Understanding of Google/Apple/Microsoft applications ecosystems, limitations, publishing and apps support procedures - Must

·  Understanding of applications development procedures and utilities (Android/iOS SDKs, X-Code, Eclipse, Version Control and issues tracking systems) – Must

·  Understanding of Android/iOS/Windows phone platforms capabilities and limitations - Must


Additional info

Personal skills

·  Customer oriented

·  Strong analytical skills

·  Strong communicational skills

·  attention to details

·  result & quality oriented

·  proactive, self-motivated

·  system thinking

·  team player

·  effective time management, high level of self-organization, planning

·  flexible, able to work in changing and stressful environment

·  honest and open

·  out-of-the box thinking

·  Interested in tech novelties, fond of advanced gadgets and applications

·  active user of applications

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