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Exclusive Sales Channel Manager

Dnipro Sales


Functional Responsibilities

   Achievement of key Company business indicators of exclusive sales channel on accountable territory:

•  Increase of active subscriber base, sales’ volumes and Company revenues through effective management of exclusive sales channel on accountable territory;

•  Ensure achievement of sales and service targets in POS of exclusive channel on accountable territory.

    POS opening ofexclusive sales channelon accountable territory:

·  Planning new stores opening in the established concept

·  Finding new locations for Sales Points opening or relocation.

·  Strategic, technical and financial evaluation of new locations proposals, business cases estimation.

·  Reviewing and evaluation of proposals and carrying on market research by visiting each location to ensure that the proposal is in the best interest of the company.

·  Approval of new Sales Points opening or relocation of existing ones with key process participants.

·  Coordination of new Sales Points opening or relocation.

·  Negotiating rents, terms and conditions with Partners, landlords, owners, investors.

    Accountable territory and POS management in lifecell’s stores:

•  Exclusive channel development on accountable territory;

•  Plan the POS of exclusive sales channel to achieve goals for accountable territory: put oral and written goals to each entrusted POS – to ensure effective sales and maximize effectiveness of all POS activities, provide thePOS of exclusive sales channel with all the necessary resources;

•  Ensure the appropriate level of communication and interaction between the entrusted exclusive sales channel POS staff, other functions of the company and Partners staff involved in the process of implementation of company’s products and services to achieve Company’s goals;

·  Monitor goals performance through performing regular audits on the territory and joint visits to exclusive POS (not less than 1 time per month), monitor the level of services provided by POS’ staff;

·  Initiate motivational programs and trade marketing activities to ensure growth of Company’s financial and economic indicators.

·  Ensure the fulfillment of goals and tasks of trade marketing programs, motivation programs and activities on accountable territory;

·  Ensure Knowledge Standard for exclusive sales channel POS staff;

·  Control and ensuring of presence, merchandising, knowledge standards and participation in Loyalty programs;

•  Ensure correct interpretation and implementation of company’s strategy on the accountable territory;

•  Ensure compliance with all procedures, policies and Company’s management directives by the team;

    Exclusive POS staff Management:

·  Assess the level of skills of the exclusive sales channel POS staff and, if necessary, create employee’s individual development plan together with the trainer to improve proficiency skills in order to achieve the goals and perform tasks on accountable territory;

·  Trainings, education and support to the exclusive sales channel POS staff;

·  Tracking of exclusive sales channel POS staff performance, providing timely feedback, coaching;

·  Identifying the training needs of the team;

·  Development of exclusive sales channel POS staff professional skills, control and analysis of results.

    Analytics and reporting:

  Evaluation of performance results:

  Analysis and assessment of POS tasks performance in exclusive sales channel on accountable territory, regulary summarizing.

  Timely adjustment of targets for exclusive sales channel POS staff;

  Analyze targets for Customer base, Revenues, achieving presence Standards, knowledge, merchandising, participation in loyalty programs, customer service level, trade marketing / other activities and take the necessary actions to increase the performance growth.

  Monitor and analyze the competitors’ activities, market trends, customer behavior, take preventive actions, promptly provide information to the Company’s management;

  Ensure timely submission of accurate information in all the reports prepared by the entrusted team.

    Creation of positive Company’s image and increase of Company’s competitiveness.

    Sales of goods:

•  Transfer and sales of goods using software and hardware system;

•  Cash receipt/ disbursement due to goods sales, keeping of cash assets and money collection to bank;

•  Sales documentation (issue of delivery note, checks etc.);

•  Filling in according to legislation of Ukraine (operations records book, Z-report) and their timely submitting to respective regulatory body;

•  Cooperation with Finance, submitting of accompanying documents.

•  Performing of warehouse transactions in Company ERP-system, preparation of respective logistics documents.

   Additional responsibilities:

•  Full individual financial responsibility of received (accepted) goods, values and equipment.

•  Maintaining, processing and transmitting information in the SAP system and other corporate systems for the acceptance and transfer of commodities, equipment, goods to ensure the sales team work.

•  Providing documentary support for the movement of commodities, equipment, goods in accordance with external and internal requests.

•  Execution of other instructions \ assignments of the management.







Working experience:

5+ years (Sales, Marketing)

Other requirements

Language skills

Ukrainian, Russian- fluent

PC Skills

MS Office

Driving license

B category, 2-3 years of experience

Specific knowledge/ experience areas

Team management

Sales Management

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