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Leading Customer Service Process Management Specialist

Kyiv region Sales


1.  Designing, structuring and implementing of business processes related to Customer Service.

2.  Scripting the procedures, which describe execution of certain stages of Customer Relations processesand bring it to the knowledge to the representatives, involved in customer service processes.

3.  Technical changes initiation and control for Customer Service related systems (including change requests requirements description).

4.  Interactions with various units, involved into production of processes, services and products in order to prevent possible negative impact caused by production on Customers or Customer Service employees.

5.  Informational support of Customer Service employees about functioning and features of new products and services.

6.  Critical and risk processes and transactions analyzing, initiation process changes in order decrease risk or develop controls for better risk management.

7.  Participating in projects, dedicated to increase Customer satisfaction, enrich Customer Experience, manageand develop certain project documentation. Initiate new service processes launch and/or  development in frame of such projects.






IT, Businessmanagement

Working experience:


Other requirements

Language skills

Ukraine, Russian - fluent

English - advanced


Confidentuser (MSOffice, PowerPoint, etc.)

Driving license


Specific knowledge/ experience  areas

Analytic cast of mind, project manager skills and communication skills is preferable. Mind flexibility

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