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Transport Network Implementation and Operations Engineer

Dnipro Mobile Network


1. Participation in transport network construction and acceptance of (microwave, SDH / DWDM, IP networks, optical lines) in the region. 2. Operation of the transport network (microwave, SDH/ DWDM, IP networks, optical lines), namely maintenance and support of their efficiency by monitoring KPIs through the OSS system. 3. Emergency recovery works on the transport network (microwave, SDH/ DWDM, IP networks, optical lines) according to the agreed SLA. 4. Participation in regional lease, interconnection, fiber optic (Inter and In-city lines) lines construction, acceptance and operation. 5. Regional subcontractor negotiation. 6. Management spare part usage in region, control over transfer in mounting in SAP and capitalization in time. 7. Regional data base keeping and following. 8. Periodical duties to maintain continuity of transport network performance. 9. Readiness for business trips to fulfill working duties and perform planned works.


. Education Level University Area Telecommunication 2. Working experience: More than 2 years 3. Other requirements Language skills English – intermediate level PC Skills MS Office - advanced user Driving license Category – B 4.4. Specific knowledge/ experience areas 1. Microwave networks knowledge. 2. SDH/DWDM networks hierarchy and principle knowledge. 3. IP networks hierarchy and principle knowledge. 4. Transport network synchronization hierarchy and principle knowledge. 5. FO networks principle and topology knowledge.

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