Career in lifecell


In lifecell (TM lifecell) people are the most valuable asset, that's why we do our best to maintain, develop and promote our specialists. Mobile operator lifecell is one of the largest employers in Ukraine. The company has over 1,000 employees, and we have also created more than 50,000 jobs through thousands of partners.

lifecell comprehensively supports its employees with additional benefits, such as health insurance, family insurance and life insurance; social security, loans and other social guarantees. Every year the company invests time and money into improvement of employees' professional skills and performance. All employees have legally secured leave (annual, for the purpose of training/education, maternity leave, etc.), as well as additional one (e.g., for weddings, important events in families).

Every year the company reconsiders salary offers for competitive remuneration and there are annual and quarterly bonuses. All lifecell employees have equal opportunities for development. Successful career in the company depends on the experience, professionalism, performance and desire to work. We encourage our staff for professional growth and development and offer trainings and education both in Ukraine and abroad.


Talent management / Personnel reserve training

lifecell appreciates each employee and strives to provide maximum opportunities for development and career growth to everyone, who confirms his/her willingness of development within the company and constant desire of improvement with his/her achievements.


Considering the use of two official languages, English and Ukrainian, the company provides its employees with the opportunity to learn or improve their English. Training is provided by teachers of the best language schools in offices of the company in the morning, afternoon and evening time. Depending on the individual success in studying, the company has a system of funds compensation for learning English. In the period of working for the company many employees have increased their level of English from the basic to business conversational one.

Internal trainers

For years of its activity lifecell has been forming a reserve of highly qualified professionals with unique knowledge and skills, willing to share them with other employees. Therefore, the company has created the Internal Coaches' Development Programme, which enables us to share the experience of company experts with the employees who need it. Internal coaches have worked out a number of programs for the development of non-technical skills, e.g. Interview by Competencies, Effective Meeting, Personal Effectiveness, Project Management, Business Economics and Basic Tax Planning, Presentation Skills, etc.

Evaluation of corporate culture

Once a year, the company holds employees' opinion poll, using the especially developed method of corporate culture estimation. Organizational culture and leadership in the company are estimated by such parameters as adaptability, engagement, involvement, permanence and mission, which have a direct impact on the company's financial performance, according to surveys and studies. That gives us an opportunity to identify the strong points and areas for improving the organizational culture in the company. Following the opinion poll, we make changes in corporate policies and programs of training and development, create special projects for individual functional groups, etc.


In February, 2009, lifecell introduced its e-learning system and created a special portal, containing information about all tools and forms of studying in the company. Today it is the most advanced system on the market of Ukraine, and specialists in e-learning support gained unique experience in developing and implementing electronic products. Every employee of the company and its key partners have individual access to this platform and can take e-learning courses in different directions, which include management, GSM, customer service, finance, work performance and personal performance management.

lifecell experts develop distant learning courses together with experts of the relevant areas, who are working in the company. In fact, they are the bearers of unique technologies used in our business.

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